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Hi all,

I have been fascinated with drawing ever since I was a kid, drawing anything I could possibly see, this has stuck with me all through my life, and I am prone to just sitting at my desk with The Batman Begins Score playing on repeat and get lost in a sketch. When I decided to do Photography as a hobby I kinda lost interest in the drawing side of art, but then Wacom was made known to me and wow, my drawing obsession is back. More so recently as I have just bought the Intuos. I found it incredibly weird at first using a tablet for drawing, and also had to up my knowledge of Photoshop and the tools I should be using.

So here is one of my first drawings from about a year ago with my first Wacom tablet, the little and sturdy Bamboo.

Thank you for viewing.
Comment and critiques are welcome.



Nice work! i always wanted to learn to drawn.. unfortunately i didn't :cry:.

Regard the image i like it, mostly the detail in the eyes, the only think i try to improve is the shadow on the chin and the detail in the libs.

Never too late to start though :p

Yeah the lips I found so difficult, probably why I started drawing animals more recently instead. One of those things I still need to learn. must watch tutorials lol.
Thank you for the comment :)