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Specific background edit request

looking to have the background text and logos removed so it's only the blue. i've made an effort but have not been able to keep the different tones consistent. also would like the earrings removed if it's not big an ask. please repost in same resolution as original. thanks very much for your help.

That's really nice work, thanks very much. It really pops now with the color correction and brillinat job removing the earrings. The background looks a little too artificial for my purposes as this is meant to be printed eventually. I tried to simply clone out logos but couldn't get it to look natural.


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It looks like a computer generated background and not like it it actually exists. Seems flat without much texture or shadow. Also, I believe the size is smaller than the source image.
I may have added too much blur to the BG to remove the banding ... maybe add some noise texture back? As for the shadow, I purposely removed it with the gradient as if she was standing further away from the BG. Again, can be easily added back should you prefer.