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Background Enhancement Suggestion?


I shot about 100 pix at a junior high dance and the background is an unattractive black tablecloth-type plastic thing.
I'd value suggestions and approaches for how to remove the white sheen and make it softer— the wrinkles can remain but it would be nice to soften things out a bit... like a bokeh effect.
The only way it would be feasible for me to enhance the backgrounds of 100 shots is if it were quite quick and easy to do, so that's a big consideration.
I'm not sure how I could do it without making selections... and that would take too much time. Any thoughts?

I'm running Photoshop CS6 on a Mac.

Thanks VERY much in advance!



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Hello............quick questions to clarify what your here for and where to place the thread..

Are you only asking about suggestions for a background?

Are you asking for Photoshop help in how to replace the background?

Are you asking for other members to replace the background for you?
Being honest I don't see a good solution, that background is pretty bad, even blurred... fix the background it's possible but it would require a lot of work... definitely, I didn't consider that for to 100 pictures.

So if you want a nice picture, the only thing I can think about it its find a matching/nice background and then cut the people into it.... of course, requires a lot of cutting but if the background chosen fits the light you don't have to do much more... a couple of days of cutting depending on the time you have.....

Really appreciate the sharing of your perspective, Argos.
I'm going to consider the background an 'it is what it is' situation... and deliver the photos as they are.
Never give up, never surrender :)
Probably no general easy solution yet here is what I did
Created a Saturation image, magic wand on dark areas (low saturation) applied selection to mask of a Layer totally pattern filled with flowers with set blend set to color dodge.
Of course you need to be able to easily crate a Saturation mask (plugin or action) and if someones hair is totally black or neutral in color then the mask would need work.
So make be pure luck that it worked on this image yet thought I would pass it on
John Wheeler

PS - To give the images as is with the black background is good instinct to minimize the work. The folks interested in the images are going to focus on the people anyways.

Love your spirit, John! Never give up, never surrender!

Thanks much for the time you invested working on the image and sharing the steps you took. It's really appreciated. Way-cool background, too. A neat pattern that really works with the image. I agree, the folks interested in the images are going to focus on the people— plus, no one is expecting a modified background; I was just hoping I could make the backdrop look more like cloth and less like plastic. No worries... I'm over it. I just looked at the folder containing the photos and the quantity is actually 187 rather then the 100 I guesstimated. Yikes!
Thanks again, John, for taking a swing at this. Never give up!