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Basic Photoshop 3d questions

Mark Singley

New Member
HI Guys!
I've been doing photoshop for over 20 years and just found this forum, so I"ll try and contribute where I can.

I need a few pointers with 3D in photoshop.
Anybody please chime in.

I've had to mock up semi transparent bottles with labels.
Like water bottles with labels around it.
-- my labels cut in half if I create the rotation for the bottle using a path. they repeat, and I need to show the backs so instead of going all the way around the rotated extrusion they go half and repeat.

-- someitmes there is a white or grey or whatever profile of the bottle mesh that I used to rotate that appears inside the bottle when I adjust the opacity

-- how do I add a label like on a water bottle, and show the bottle opaque with fluid inside?

Does the label have to be on another layer? or do I do it with opacity masks?

Can't find this info anywhere.
Some do it with opacity masks, some seem to add it as a projection...

What's the best way to do it? Driving me nuts.

I opened the stock wine bottle and it seems that the label is a separate layer, not part of the bottle texture.

Any help much appreciated.