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bind actions to tabs


New Member

Apparently, Ps is binding actions in this way: jump two tabs to the right, make something, jump 4 tabs to the left?!

Or MAYBE i oversee something. These .psb file do have names why does it not use em. This way produces so much ....crap
Is there any method to tell PS the exact Tab/window to be do the next step(s)? With a script for example?

Thx, M.



Hi @mrtz
Sorry that the level or frustration requires expletives.
I am sure a script could be created to specify specific files names to use in whatever process and procedures you want applied. There are forum members that are script experts may jump in to help.
However, I think I can explain why PS Actions are using the approach they are using and the relative numbering in the selection.

First, Actions are used so that it can be applied repeatedly typically on a variety of different file names. If you have an Action / Script that uses a specific file name(s), then it would not work on files of other file names therefore limiting its utility. Actions are pretty dumb so they won't update file names within the Action as you run them. File names would need to be changed to match your Action. So that adds another level of complication to one would have to resolve.

Here is a side note: The information of relative position of the document chosen is not related to the Tab position. It is related to the relative position of the listed open document found at the bottom of the dropdown when selecting the Windows command. The open document is the one with the checkmark and when your are recording an Action, if gives a relative position with "next" "Previsou" or a minus number or positive number for that relative position.

So that nomencalture is independnet of using tabs or other display approach on your workspace. So its chosing the open document in the documents stack relative to the presently selected document. Does not make it as readable in the Action yet will consistent work with any file names that way.

Hope that helps explain what is going on and maybe reduce your frustration level as well.
John Wheeler