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Hi all
Haven't been around for a while, decided to give Blender another go, this is a work in progress house and doing it from a tutorial, but learning so much and really enjoying it
This is the kitchen so far. Kitchen.png


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Hey Ged,
Glad to see you going on with Blender.
It looks good and I'm looking forward to see the progress. :thumbsup:
I need to get something done myself, I'm getting lazy... :eek:
Hey Lambert
There's some things I never new existed in Blender and 2 of them are the archimesh and measureit addon's, there's so much I never knew about Blender and this course has opened my eyes to what it has to offer
Will post my progress along the way.
I miss yourself and @chrisdesign Blender projects
Get off your lazy buzz :p
Don't forget the doors Ged...:unsure:
What do you need doors for, you only have to close them after you. :cheesygrin:
Just kidding they'll be put in place later, just working on the interiors first, at least you can get into the kitchen from the living room and vice versa


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I assume you're using models from 3DArchive?
Because making all the utilities is good as exercise but why bother if they are available already...

Anyway, good to see you working in Blender and I really should do that too...maybe when the summer's over...