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Batch Automation Camera Raw 11 Save New Camera Raw Defaults with Jpgs

Hey Folks I am new to this forum and want to say thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. I recently upgraded from Photoshop 6 and Camera Raw 9.1.1 to CC 2019 and Camera Raw 11. In my workflow I use Camera Raw to process my Jpeg images. Since many of my assignment are shot under the same conditions I like to make adjustments to the first image and then click Save New Camera Raw Defaults so that each succeeding image opens with those settings. I find this easier than clicking Previous Conversion. Now that I have upgraded to CC 2019 I find that Save New Camera Raw Defaults only works on RAW files and the settings are not applied to Jpegs. I can use Previous Conversion but this is an extra step that I would prefer not to have to take. I shoot Canon 1DX MKII. I have tried reverting to previous versions of Camera Raw but they do not support the MKII. Any help on how to tweak my setting to make this work will be greatly appreciated.