Camera RAW for Canon 5D Mark III ?

does anybody have an idea how or where to find about Camera RAW support for Canon 5D Mark III in Photoshop ? I have downloaded the new Camera raw update from Adobe web, but it still does not accept its format.
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thank you for helping. I use CS5, I downloaded Camera RAW update from Adobe web last week. I just copy files from card to disk and try to open it from there. If ACR is Adobe Camera RAW, part of Photoshop, than yes, that is what I use.
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thank you very much, I will try, I am just afraid if ACR does not recognise 5D Mark III's format this convertor would not either, but I will definitely try today at home and post result here.
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your link leads to version 5.2 ( I hope I remember well ), which introduced Canon 5D Mark II, but I need it for Mark III. I downloaded the newest version 6.6 ( the same as ACR I used before ), but it does not pick the files. It works great with old files. Do you have any other idea ? Thank you very much for your time.
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I am sorry I was a bit confused, anyhow C 5D Mark III is listed there, it warns it's a beta BUT IT WORKS !!!!
Thank you very much, that was a nightmare for me, I have "upgraded" my camera to Mark III, I love the camera but I could not use RAW, that was a real pain. Thank you very much, I can hardly express how much I appreciate such a fast help.
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Well you could trade yours in for a D800 but I wont turn this into a Nikon Vs Canon War I am arguing with myself if it is worth the money to splash out on the D4 or maybe think about trying canon cant seem to find anywhere that will let you test a camera for a weekend, So may rent 1 to see how I get on.
:) I know what you are talking about, one my very good friend has Nikon, we are constantly picking on each other. Quite seriously, I do not need more than 22Mpixel, I could have a bit faster than 6 fps ( horse jumping etc. ), I was really surprised by low noise on higher ISO ( keep in mind I did not have Mark II, I went from 5D to 5D MIII ), dual card, there is plenty of new settings compared with my old one, I find a lot of them very useful, problem with RAW is fixed now, I have to find the way how to fix my second major issue ( indication of focused point ) and I will be completely happy with this new camera and I am bound to Canon by my lenses. It does not mean I would doubt somebody else is similarly happy with his Nikon, everything depends on preferences, feelings and even personal history.
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After talking with Adobe support for 3 hours I was finally able to get Camera Raw for Canon 5D Mark 111 camera to work with CSR.
Here are the steps required if you are using a Mac. My OS is 10.7.4, the latest upgrade of the Mac OS System.
1. you need to upload Camera Raw 7.1. Once you have it up, move it to your desk top (to be use later)
2. If you have down loaded CS6 on your computer (MAC) go to the library in your computer Hard Drive. Library is under Applications.
3. Click on Applications
4. Click on Library
5. Click on Application Support
6. Click on Adobe
7. Click on Plug ins
8. Click on File Formats
9. Click on File Format
10. You will see Camera Raw. Plugin
11. Open Apple I and you should see it is Adobe Photoshop Plug-in file (intel) 51.3 MB.
Version 7.1
VERY IMPORTANT If you do not have this, you will need to reinstall CS6. Before you do make sure you have downloaded Camera Raw 7.1 and placed it on your desktop.

Reinstall CS6 (you do not have to uninstall). Once you have reinstalled CS6. Go to the Camera Rug 7.1 on your desktop. Open It up and you will see a RED FOLDER called Click on it and it will install the required upgraded plugin.

Once you have finished. Shut down your machine and reopen it. You should be able to use Bridge and Photo Shop CS6 to see your photos. Good Luck.
Thank you very much. I fixed this problem on CS5 with CR6.7, which does not work with CS6. But CR7.1 for CS6 did not make any problems on Win platform. There are still some miracles ;-)