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Man, It's been along time since I've been around here so I decided to post something.
I made this 100% in Photoshop. I didn't use any images, outside plugins, or 3D programs: just pure Photoshop. It was extremly fun and time consuming [confused] but I'm pleased with my results. So tell me what you think! 8))
:perfect: It looks great Sean!
An idea additionally might be to alter the shadow and angle from the current top down view on the complete camera body...the present shadow set up doesn't allow for the camera to seem as though it has "height" like it must have -- in other words it would seem from the image now that the camera would only be about an inch or so tall if seen from the side when compared to the top view shadowing, when it's more likely it's around 3 inches or so I would guess. But that's the only thing, just that current shadow and top view isn't doing the camera justice imo only. Or maybe my eyesight is just off today. \:] I love all your attention to details and the textures look wonderful!
Oh, your right, thanks. I'll fix the shadow.
Also, heres the original pic.
I'm thinking of doing the wood table [innocent] \:]
Ok, so here it is with the shadow, but it looks kinda funny to my eye.... [confused]
Maybe it's just me though, I'd appriciate any help!
To me anyway, having the wood table under it helps -- even though there doesn't appear to be any strong shadowing in the table pic there's something about the woodgrain and color and slight bit of defocus of the woodgrain that sort of lifts the camera up and away from it. In the last version the shadow also helps but it seems a bit strong and hard edged....but you can check that with setting your camera or a similar one up on a table at the same angle and try to get the same sort of lighting. If you get a dark shadowing like that then it's correct obviously. Maybe try the woodgrain table with the shadow too if you want to experiment. Either way I think it does add more height dimension to the camera. See what you think. Welles may have some more ideas too. It's a wonderful camera you've done in PS Sean! :D
:perfect: VERY inspiring is right! I like the wood table with it too! Nice work Sean!!! :} :} :}
[excited] Thanks you guys for all the nice replys, that's awsome that you think it's inspiring, THANKYOU! 8))


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I have no idea of how you made it, but it sure looks good! Very good job.. I can't believe some people are actually able to make such things! [stuned]
Thanks, MindFreak! 8)) As to how I made it....it's basicly lots of vector shapes with the right combination of gradients and the right bevels to make it look realistic. I've spent many hours working on just a bevel and the right contour, not to mention gradients.... I also use lighting effects on channels to acheive good textures, like the slightly metallic bumpyness on the face of the camera. Most of all, it's just alot of tweaking and patience, and I love doing it.