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Specific Can you guys fix this picture?

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Friendly reminder

PSG is a public forum. The forum can be viewed by the public, no registration is required to view. Any image you upload here can be downloaded by anyone. Any photo placed on the forum will be picked up by the search engines. Many are now using facial recognition software to group your personal photos posted anywhere on the internet. Any search on your name, even though you have not provided your name here, could possibly produce results in a search that will include any photos you upload here and those that were edited by our members. If you would be embarrassed for anyone to find out you have asked for changes to be made to your image or your asking to have someone else’s image altered and you would rather it remain private, do not post here in the free edit section. Please be sure you have the permissions of all subjects in a multi-subject image before you post it here.

You need to take the time to carefully read our rules for the free edit forum?

Once a member has responded to your request, changes can not be made.

If you desire privacy for the subject(s) of your edit request now and always, you will need to post your request in the Paid Request section.
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