Can't Edit Layers / Can only Marquee Type?

The last action I took on my image was editing a typed layer's bounding box.

-I can't edit layers (I can only chose to link and view them).
-When I use the type tool, no matter whether I chose the type marquee or regular type, it automatically does a type marquee.
-My selected layer has a thick, black border around its thumbnail, rather than a thin, double lined border.
-This is only occurring in one file, but since I cannot copy anything in the file, I can't simply dodge the issue by copy/pasting my progress into a new file.

I'm sure I've accidentally activated some layer editing mode that I don't know how to deactivate, but I'm out of my depth. Thanks in advance for answers.

-Andy Bryan
did you try to drag your layers into a new file with your mouse, instead of trying to do it with copy and paste directly?
(i know this is a sort of copy paste but it might work)

try to select something while pressing down the shift key.

there are some options just below “edit” first select marquee tool and than click the above section you will see some options like “new selection” add to selection select new selection and your problem may be solved.

hope this helps