Can't get the hang of removing luminance shifts

Hi sorry if this is dumb but I am trying to seamlessly tile this little texture I have but it just looks clearly wrong when i do.

I have tried copying it and inverting it, blurring it, then changing the blend mode or opacity. I have also tried splitting it up and doing this to the circles only, the background only, and both separately. When I do an offset there is still a difference in shading around the edges. I smooth with the clone stamp tool but it still looks wrong. Any suggestions?


Personally I'd just reproduce the image....wouldn't take 2 minutes.

This is just a circle with a 'Bevel and Emboss' style applied to it....pretty simple.

At least that way you get exactly what you want. (And the original is slightly tilted anyway)

Don't waste your time trying to 'fix' something that is easier to make from new.

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