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(CC) F-button actions fail in full screen when coming from 2nd screen


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Hello all,

Since version CC i have this problem with using my action programmed F buttons, when coming from my 2nd monitor. This problem only appears in full screen mode.
I'll try to describe it more clearly..

I always work in full screen mode (f button once) because i hate to be distracted by other windows or stuff on my desktop.
Setup: MacBook Pro (OS 10.11.1) used as small monitor for the pallets and a Cinema display as main monitor for only the photo.
The problem occurs for instance in a situation like this:
i go to my small screen to make an adjustments layer, do some adjustments on that same small screen, and when i'm satisfied i press my F10 button, which has the action "make one layer" programmed.
This doesn't work because i have been working on my second screen. Now i first have to click the main screen. Typical this is filled with a zoomed photo, and my active tool is a brush. So i have to undo the last action after clicking (the brush), and now the F10 button does work.

In CS5.1 this problem did not exist.

This is hard to Google. Anyone here who has the same experience?
An more.. does anyone know a solution?

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