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Challenge #62 Winter in July

Challenge #62: Winter in July

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Sorry for the delay and thanks to @Eggy for reminding me about challenge.
This month challenge theme: Winter in July

Take the photo provided and turn in into snowy landscape :)

here goes the photo from unsplash.com by Mike Petrucci :




PSG Challenge #62.png
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Thanks for the new challenge @revnart!
This looks fun.
Since it was started a bit late ":cheesygrin: and the submissions period should be 16 days, they will close on July 19...
Have fun everyone.
Come on folks, I know some of you are itching to have a go, Doesn't matter what level your at, no one is hear to poke fun, it's just that, a bit of fun, You will be so proud of what you will achieve, and the members hear will help you on your journey. That's what Photoshop is, a Journey( for me any way , I can not get of the Photoshop train.Always learning another route, So many directions to do the same thing,), " So have a go ", even if it's just applying a filter, a colour overlay/adjustment, a photo filter, or whatever you want to do with it, just have a go,

Now take a look at this tutorial on YouTube, Now I didn't use this action, but i remember the tutorial teach me how to use the blend if sliders to help make parts of a landscape look like snow, or white .
so what i'm saying is there is plenty of ways to do things, this is just one track i took to lean how to turn things from summer to winter along with other things I have learn,

And remember, it's ALL just a bit of fun. And the members will help you. So just have a go , not long left.


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Silly really as there's so few options, but this is the contest I'm struggling most to vote on.

Ordinarily, I'll browse over each submission and pick out the two or three that are overall most pleasing for me personally, then I'll focus on those and pick out the things I think are best in each, and vote for whichever I feel has been done the nicest.

This time, I find I have things I like about each, and things I dislike about each.
I think Chris' is maybe a little too bit blue. The lake, however, is absolutely brilliant, and the crispness of the entire image is a definite plus.
Inkpads is, I feel, a touch too bright, but it does have that "sunshine in winter" feel, and I love the way the colour still shows through the snow.
In Eggys, I think the snow on the posts is just a little too fuzzy. On the other hand, the snow on the house in particular is really well done, and the absence of any colour gives it a real professional photo look. (To be fair, I can be horribly biased towards desaturated photos).

So yeah. I'm really torn on which to vote for because they're all amazing, and I've really had to scrutinise each one to see if there's one I dislike more than the others, to at least narrow the field.
That didn't work. Each one is fantastic.

Really good job guys. Once again I'm left in awe of the amazing work that's been produced. I hope one day I can create something as amazing as these.