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Challenge#63 Redesign the Scooter

Challenge #63: Redesign the Scooter

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The theme of this month is Redesign the Scooter

You have to use the image of this scooter.
Cut out parts of the provided image and re-arrange them to a complete new object. You're allowed to resize, rotate, duplicate the parts.
Don't change the colors of the parts, put them on a white background with a contact shadow.

Example: Your final composition can show a sculpture, a bird, a robot, a face.... just let your imagination run free! Have fun!






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Congratz Colleague! A beautiful image. and even using the scooter as a background!! Genius!

Thanks to Chrisdesign aswell! It was an interesting and challenging challenge, shame it was in august and most people have vacation and the weather is just too hot :rofl: .