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Paid Change exterior home color $15

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Hi, I would like to test 3 different color schemes on my home. The brick will stay the same color. The shutters, door, siding, window trim will change. In all color schemes, I would like the trim around the windows and gutter painted white (is dark brown now).

The brown on brown house is the original. I will also attach photos of the color schemes I want to try.

1. tan and maroon - tan siding, maroon shutters, tan door
2. Cream and dark green - cream siding, dark green shutters, dark green door
3. Bluish gray and white - bluish gray siding, white shutters, white door.

I can pay with Venmo or PayPal. I would like to pay $15 total for the three photos.

I would need it done in the next 24 hours, sooner if possible.


05538A28-CD56-4C6A-9F17-87FA36DF019B.jpeg 4BDD0E43-1407-4F67-9540-37CF21F73225.jpeg 619B3137-8D49-49B7-AA4D-17988D76077A.jpeg 0DA481F5-A3AE-4AD6-8C98-8D9923CE7F84.png
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