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Me and my buds have been playing this game, and I'm gonna try and mess with them, could someone shop it so that my best score looks like its new?

In the best score area could you add the "New!" symbol in the screenshot with the score with 100. In the same area as the screenshot with 8 score please.
scorenew.png score100.jpg

Thank you in advance!
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I'd like the score to be a little more believable so i'm requesting that someone have both the scores from the "100" screenshot be changed to 143 with the other two photos I've attached. Preferably if the numbers are spaced out the same way as in the "100" screenshot. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask! I will be very appreciative.

my submission.png score3.png Screenshot_2019-03-12-13-17-26.png