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Paid Changes to images - Will pay £20

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Would be much appreciated if someone could do this.

We are changing the flagstones at the front of our house
Image 1 shows the existing flagstones

We are considering 2 opitons 'rainbow sandstone' and 'black limestone'
Image 2 shows typical rainbow sandstone
Image 3 shows typical black lime stone
(Just use google images and type in 'rainbow sandstone' and 'black limestone' to see loads more)

Need both options transposed onto the original image 1 so we can see realistically what each option will be like in situ.

Msut be realisitc.

Can pay £20 by pay pal for theis work

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

Image 3.jpg
Thanks for this, however you have just 're coloured' the exisitng flagstones of image 1 with the poposed colour options, so not realsitic at all
They need to be transposd on to image 1 so they look real.
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