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I just discovered that my neigbors littlie girl has PS! Her name is Kirsten Salinger, and she's only 7. Thats awsome! I started shopping 3 years ago when I was 13, image what she will come up with in a few years. These she did in PS 5.
Way to go Kirsten! :}
:perfect: :} :} :} Terrific and imaginative! She's got a great start! That's another beautiful thing about PS, it brings out the creativity in everyone. :D
Yeah Raven, It's nice to see little shoppers out there doing creative stuff. Definately a step above Kid Pix.
That's so totally cool. I taught a young girl Photoshop Elements two summers ago. Throughout the summer she had about a dozen lessons and became quite creative. Although she didn't become addicted to PS, she is somewhat competent and will never fear to dive into any program. I think it's wonderful. I wish I had started about 50 years ago!

Oh wait a minute...there weren't personal computers 50 yeas ago.[confused]

Cancel that last wish! :rofl:
Way to go, Kristen. She's better then I am now............after two years. ;)

Oh wait a minute...there weren't personal computers 50 yeas ago.
[sigh] What are we going to do with you, Welles? \:]
I'm trying to teach my little brother PS, but he hasn't really been that interested, he just would rather go play. I found, though, that the best way to teach some one is too inspire them by showing what you can do. Making stuff your self is fun, but equipping is were it's at!