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Cloud in the sky want selection and insert color emphasis


I wondered if someone would hear me out and possibly help or advise me.
In the attachment there is a great picture of a bass jumping with the sky and sunset in the background.
I added a white paw to the sky and hope to make it look or blend in as a beleivable cloud in the sky.
My novice thoughts about how I might do this was as follows:
1) create and save a precise selection of the paw with a close detailed trace (I am having trouble donig this ste) and save the selction.
2) take that selection to the background copy layer and delete all the area inside that selection
3) take the background copy for cloud breakthrough layer and place it below the background copy layer with color enhancements to show through the holes in the background copy layer.

there is also a cloud paw layer which I aborted efforts working with.

-Bottom line is I am looking for a cloud paw in the sky which looks good, an orange emphasis is desired.

If you can do some work in the file and post it back up or at least advise how you would reccomend I try and go about it would be greatly appreciated.
BTW - The selection process really giving me fits with the idea I had, If you know of a great selection tutorial please send me some info.



  • Fish Cloud Help.psd
    4.6 MB · Views: 14
heres a screen shot, without opening the psd.

I'm not sure what the paw is supposed to be.:banghead:..it is much softer than the rest of the picture...hard to blend

I did not near to have the cloud pay layer active when I saved and posted it. The end goal would be to have a cloud (basically a set of 5 small clouds in the sky that looked like a set of clouds in the shape of a paw. With Orange and blue sunset highlights and shadows so it looks like it belongs there. I would image playing with opacity and possibly putting a cloud like texture on the cloud layer. Hopefully it is possible. Thanks for your time and clarification questions. On my phone right now so sorry about typos if you see any.
Just a couple of ideas I tried. I used a cloud brush on a new layer to paint some clouds over the paw. Then I temporarily moved the paw above that layer so I could see the shape. Then on the layer that I put the clouds on I applied a layer mask and shaped the clouds to the paw. Then I hid the original paw. Added a inner shadow etc.
I took what you had, played with blending, and opacity....and got lots of different looks, depending what cloud layer(s) I used and what blend mode I used. By blending to soft light, and dropping opacity I retained the existing cloud texture, You could add some with a brush as Larry suggested.....Lots of differences can be had from what you have.

ALB68 & MikeMC can you guys please attach back the .psd files that you have so I can check them out and play around with what you have.
It is looking very promising guys thanks for the work, if anyone else plays with it please post back an updated .psd file as well.

When I first read this I thought you wanted something like this...


Oh well, I guess this was the one that got away.

That is an awesome affect as well. The paw cloud is a little lost or not quite as defined as I might like in the final design but it is something that I also see potential in. If you can post me back the .psd I would appreciate it.

How did you accomplish what you did? Is it anything you could explain to a novice? I would like to see if I can somehow combine the affect you produced with the offerings of MikeMc and ALB68.
There's not much to it, just clouds painted in the shape of a paw but here ya go anyway.

View attachment Fish_Cloud_MT_A_01.psd


Just read your last post so...

All it is is painting on a blank layer....find a good random 'cloud' brush, set the brush dynamics...


... and start painting.

I randomly selected different foreground colours as I went depending on which part I was doing.
I did actually use the 'Paw' shape as a guide to where to paint but apart from that nothing else.

There are lots of 'cloud' tutorials out there on the net.....just follow one that looks pretty good.
I can't really add anything else....it wasn't really that involved.
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LOL.......nice one Chris!

Glad to see I'm not on my own interpreting that one then...:thumbsup:


All I did was play with what layers you have and changed the blending and opacity, didn't save my psd, just flattened the final w/o saving changes....I think Chris has the best so far, not surprising as his work is always inspiring!
chrisdesign I have been offline for a couple of days but I think this technique is awesome. I would perfer the paw be oriented more similarly to the original and I would like the clouds that represent the paw to have the clous like texture as you had applied it to the photo. In addition I would like the paw to be more orange glowing/brighter rather than dark and stormy, as is the sun is shining uniquely on those clouds to make them orange. In any case I would appreciate your help helping me get there. I would like to get the key/high level detail of the techniques you used to do what you did and if you still have the .psd file please send it to me as well.