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Color Wheels and PS stutter


Hello, I just bought Photoshop CC 2015 and I have 2 issues with it.

First is more of a question, I've used the color wheel plug-in with previous versions but apparently using them is not as easy now and here's my question is there any free color wheel out there that works with CC and if no, wich of the premium ones is the best? Coolorus and MagicPicker seem to be the most popular ones but are there any meaningful differences between them?

Second I have a weird problem in that, zooming in and out and moving the window around using the shortcuts with my tablet (so respectively alt+pen button+move up and down and pen button+move around) work very randomly, sometimes they do sometimes they don't and sometimes they even open the file dropbox. My guess is that my graphic tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch cth-661 being an older model just doesn't keep up (I use windows 7 and the latest drivers, tho the older ones had the same issue) or is simply used up a bit. Is that it or are there other causes and/or solutions? Also my efficiency stays at 100% and only these two options so far have any trouble.

Thanks in advance.
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