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Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

Now that I've started using video in Photoshop CC I'm finding ways to cut down on the lenth of time it takes to proccess certain tasks like removing a watermark from each frame. I found that converting my video to layers and then using actions to do what I want with each frame is a godsend.

But I'm stuck at the point where you would use the batch proccess to carry out the things I did inside of actions, because the batch window asks you for the source and I'm unsure where that is or how to use the layers as the source.

Does that make sense.

Please let me know if anyone else has tried this technique to get their video frames done this way.

Thanks a lot.
do you want a "batch" to do the same action on each layer ?

then you can File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files
and put all files in 1 folder

then you can run the batch and take this folder as source

after this batch, you can File > Scripts > Load Files into stack
Thanks for the reply,

As I'm quite new to all this could you elaberate on the last bit for me, Load Files Into Stack

Thannks a lot.
Hi Mike

Load Files Into Stack makes 1 PSD file out of several files,
with each file becomes a layer

then you go to "animation"-window and choose "make frames from layers"
I understand about 'Make frames from layers', so thats that sorted, but I still can't get the actions to work on batch frames/layers.

Let me explain. (I'll try and keep it short)
I invented a tightening tool for the building trade and the DIY'ers, but had difficulties with the top end of the tool. So I went to a local engineering firm to get them to mill the part that I needed. All went well, they even made 4 video's to help me promote the product. Then the emails stopped and the firm went bust (not because of me). I managed to get the video's back, but the firm filmed them with the company logo on the lower right hand side which doesn't help me to further promote the tool.

As a precaution I'd applied for several world patents to protect my invention, just in case anyone tried to do the same thing. I also contacted the recievers who are handling the engineering firms assets to see if I can remove the logo from the video legally and they confirmed that I'm in my rights to do so.

Now I've set up an 'Action' in Photoshop to do that, but when I come to use the batch process it kind of stalls and doesn't go through the video to remove the logo from each frame.

I don't know why that is.

Am I using the right technique for this.

P.S. I can't show you the videos as I'm waiting for the patent office to get back to me.
1) Export your layers to files and put them in a new folder

If you open that folder , you will see

new folder.jpg

2) Then you run a batch on that folder with the action you made, to remove the parts on each flile


3) ) Load files into stack , your new PSD will show all layers in the "Layer"- window


4) make frames from layers