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Combining two pictures


Hi and thank you for looking at my thread!

There are two pictures that I would like combined.

photo-984843.pngand Naamloos.png (or rainbow_dash_chillin___by_rainbowcrab-d4cwdi0.png)

Basically, I'd like the final result to be similar to the first picture. However, the lion needs to be replaced with the pony and "KIA" needs to be changed to "REKRZ". The colours need to be the same as in the first picture too, which for example means that the pony has to be changed to gold.

So basic idea is like this: trhytrhg.pngBut ofc, colours need to be changed, text needs to be changed, it needs to look better, etc etc.

I would be very happy if somebody could do this for me :) I would be really grateful.