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Hi I've just got a new camera Sony A7 and its the high resolution as you can imagine now my file sizes are large and has slowed down my computer a lot. switching between programs has now become terrible if i was to upgrade my computer what specs would i be best looking at for it to run quicker and more smoothly help and advise greatly recived.


As most things in life...it depends. Most especially when it comes to budget and how heavy your processing tasks are.

I'm more than a casual user and can tell you that I'm running the latest version of Photoshop 2022 (23.0.2) on a Windows 10 machine. Fell for the Mac cult on one round but burned out the motherboard in less than 3 years and went back to Windows. Do with that what you may.

I've always aimed for the middle - not for the cheapest I could get to run the software but more than enough to handle tasks at hand. Here's my setup:

Dell XPS 15 7590
15.6" display
OS - Windows 10, 64 bit
Processor - Intel Core i7-9750CPU @ 2.60HHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card
512GB hard drive and separate WD hard drive for back up and additional storage
Full specs can be found here:

Also added on a separate Samsung 27" display that works just fine although I wouldn't mind upgrading at some point.
Color is fine and working in the larger 27" space is easier to deal with especially in these aging eyes.

Adobe does have minimum recommendations for both Mac and PC but remember they're minimum:

My philosophy has always been not to buy the cheapest but the best you can afford. Start with minimum requirements and work up from there. As far as brand, you can read the reviews but it's the one you feel most comfortable with.

Best of luck in the search. There's usually some pain asociated with firing up a new machne but it does make a huge difference in how you process your work.
I asked some photoshop dev through tech support when I bought photoshop cs6. He told me that it's the number of cores that help with processing panorama's. Like 20 raw images from a 16 mp camera combined into the panorama thing. Anyway Photoshop wants as many cores as you can buy for performance. I had a overclocked quad core at 4.6 ghz and it didn't do the panorama much faster then a 3.5 ghz cpu. Cpu speed won't go faster then 5 ghz. So now they've developing cpu's that have more cores. Eventually there will be 100 core cpu's.

This is what you need. Atleast 3 ghz. And as many cores as you can get. I used 75% of 16 gb to run photoshop.

Swap disk makes a big difference. So make sure you get a second hard drive with plenty of space, at least 500 gb and ssd.