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Continous pattern?


New Member

I want to learn how to make continuous patterns:)

For example I want to have a continuous pattern of paws, like the ones showing in the attached picture.

I want to learn how to do continuous patterns of all types, if there is a general tutorial och some basic pointers, I will be glad to se it:)

Thank you in advance!8365098-seamless-animal-pattern-of-paw-footprint.jpg
Google {seamless tile offset Photoshop tutorial}, and you will see many tutorials on the subject. The key tool to use is PS's "offset" command.

The pattern you showed is particularly easy to do because of all the blank white spaces between individual elements. Since you want a two dimensional pattern, just do it first in 1D to the desired width, then do it again in the perpendicular direction.

Once you have given it a try, if you are having any problems, don't hesitate to come back and ask specific questions.


Tom M