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Cool Easter Egg


Power User
Okay, I know this isn't exactly useful, but we've gotta have some fun too!

The Egg:

To get it:
Go to the Paths Palette. Hold down the Option key (PC: Alt) and choose Palette Options from the palette's pop down menu. You can close the Egg by clicking the Begone button. (This is in PS 6, not sure if it's in 7)


Here's another one;

Open Photoshop 6 (works somehow in 7 too)

Press Ctrl+Alt on Windows or Command+Option on Mac.
While holding down the keys, select Help > About Photoshop.
You will see the beta splash screen, Venus in Furs.
Wait 30 second for the credits to begin scolling.
You can press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) to make the credits scroll faster.
When you get to the end of the credits, look for an extra special thanks to someone you may know.
While you are pressing Alt/Option to make the credits scroll faster, click the big eye on the cat once.
This step is tricky: While you are still holding the Alt/Option key, press the Ctrl/Command key, then let up on only the Alt/Option key.
Just above the credits you will see a long series of strange, secret messages from the engineering team.