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Cool looking design for shirt! (skydive)

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After my previous job I realized we have another design we are working on - we want to do a few short sleeve and long sleeve tops in 2 different colour options (red/black, maybe a little grey) and green/white. I'm not totally happy with what the company has come up with themselves so wonder if anyone can do better. The rules are it needs the word VERTEX on the front (xirod is the normal font but can be another if you think it looks much better) and should have our winged V somewhere on it. Other than that I just want it to look cool. Welcome to stick a hidden tag on it for cred if you want, maybe can send you one :) I did have the idea of somehow merging in some silouettes of jumpers into the design but she didnt' manage this.

Anyway here are the kinda examples we got to:

vertex skydiving_t-shirt_version 3_08_09_2017.jpg
vertex skydiving_t-shirt short sleeve version 2_06_09_2017 d.jpg
vertex skydiving_t-shirt short sleeve black red_06_09_2017 v.jpg

vector of first design:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6opblgbl48mns3a/vertex skydiving_t-shirt_version 3_08_09_2017.pdf?dl=0


And here are some examples from real world companies (cant duplicate these but some design elements are ok)

Price wise I've got no idea, if anyone's interested in having a go you tell me what you think its worth. Many thanks!
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