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Correct ATN location?


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I recently downloaded 3 plug-ins and have placed them in this folder: C | Program Files (86) | Adobe | Photoshop CS | Plug-ins. They are the only ATN files in that folder. Also in that folder, are other folders: Adobe ImageReady Only; Adobe Photoshop Only; Digimarc; Displacement Maps; Effects; Extensions; File Formats; Filters; Import-Export; and Parser.

Have I placed the ATN files in their correct location, please, because I cannot see them under Filters when I open Photoshop.



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Plug-ins must be placed in the Plug-ins folder. (C:/Program files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC (+version)/Plug-ins NOT Program files 86)
ATN are 'actions' and should be placed in the Presets/Actions folder.

Plug-ins, actions and filters are not the same thing!

Install Photoshop Actions
Install Photoshop Plug-ins


To open your 'actions':

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Hello Eggy

I don't have this folder: C:/Program files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC (+version)/Plug-ins. If I go to C:/Program files/Adobe, I have Adobe Premiere Elements 11 only in that folder.

I could re-create the path you have and deposit my ATN files there, that is, C:/Program files/Adobe/Photoshop/Plug-ins and see if they are visible in Photoshop. Thanks to the link you posted, I can see that the Plug-ins should be visible under Filters.

I will try it and post back, thanks again.