could not initialize because of a program error

could not initialize because of a program error
This is my problem while loading the program

i have 2 NTFS partitions on one harddisk

first the primary scratchdisk was "startup"
then i changed primary scratchdisk to d:/ and secondary to c:/
After restart my problem occurd

Reinstalling Photoshop could not solve the problem, it kept the same error message

only after totally reinstalling windows XP prof. i could use the program again
For now i do not set any scratchdisks

My harddisk is ok with no bad sectors
hmm... ok...

I would've suggest you just delete your Prefs file first before taking the longer path you took. ;)

Can't be certain, but check Adobe's PS Forum for ant info you can on how Photoshop handles the NTFS file system formating. I wouldn't suspect any trouble, but i don't use that format so i haven't really check into it thoroughly.

Glad it's cleared up anywho. [honesty]