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Crash and graphic freeze after selection tool


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I never had this issue before and I could do those actions earlier today until it got less and less possible.
At some point the problem appeared every time and at this point I can't do it anymore.

I am working on a 12288 x 2048 picture.
(It is a 6 side cubemap that I am trying to edit, for those who may not know, it is a skybox used in games, with 6 sides that you close in like a cube an with the game map inside it)

What I was doing today:
- Load the project
- zoom in from 12.5% to 750%
- Select Polygonal Lasso Tool
- Click around the location I want to edit (about 30 clicks)
- Close in the selection
- Select Clone Stamp Tool
- Remove some unwanted parts inside the selection
- Deselect and continue with the next area

I could do this without any issue until I ran into graphic problems.
After closing in the selection, the selection is hidden (I double checked, I did not use CTRL+H to hide it), if I scroll up/down or move my cursor close to the edges on the right or left with the Polygonal Lasso Tool still on, to see other parts of the image, the image appears like basic floor tile, gray and white, as if no image was rendered.

Or this graphic issue appears, this is after closing it my selection with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, I could not see the selection, and I scrolled down, you can see how it showed the hidden pixels with some buggy red lines.


Never had serious issues with Photoshop before, this is crippling.

I updated my graphics cards drivers and tried again, same exact problem.
Thank you for your suggestions

Win 10 64Bits
Photoshop 2015
1080 TI
everything on SSD


Hi @Soraka
Hard to know if this is a software problem or hardware problem yet I would try setting Photoshop to run without hardware graphcis, resetart your computer, and when starting Photoshop reset Preferences of Photoshop and see if you have the issue.

If that does not work, here is a link for troubleshooting Photoshop:
How to Troubleshoot Photoshop

Could also be a PC or Windows 10 issue yet the above would be a good starting point. It not, running hardware diagnostics on your computer would be advised.
Just some quick suggestions
John Wheeler