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Create an album cover for fictitious 80s heavy metal hair band called Pinocchio.


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So let me give you come context...

Back in the 80s me and my friends were into such bands as Bon Jovi and Cinderella (who only had a couple hits such as Nobody's Fool)...

We had a friend who was very gullible so we convinced him there was a band called "Pinocchio" and we made fun of him for having never heard of the band, especially their hit song "Love is Cool" (we were 11, it's the best we could come up with)...

Finally he was like "Oh yeah, I've heard of them" and we busted on him. We were all friends, so it was cool. We joke about it to this day.

So I thought it might be funny if someone could come up with an album cover of this fictitious band called Pinocchio. Feel free to title the album whatever you want, come up with funny song list, etc. Be creative! Only stipulation I have is somewhere on there add something to the effect of "Featuring their hit break out single "Love is Cool""

Thanks if someone can come up with this