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Create Radial gradient background without circles (Banding).


I can create a background using radial gradient but it shows circles that are rather visible.
The circles are radiating from the center out .
I turned on dither and that helps a lot.
I played with angle and scale but it still show those circles.

Is it possible to smooth it out so there are no circles showing?
Thank you .
thanks i didn't know the correct term-bending. The 16 bit and Gaussian blur fixes it little bit. I do 1920x1080 300dpi .
But i am noticing that a lot of backgrounds in youtube videos have it.
It seems like it is a standard and people aren't bothered with it that much .
Hi lou117
Banding can be exasperated by a number of things
1) Worst is being in 8 bit mode
2) If you are using a monitor that is not at least truly 8 bit
3) If you are using Adobe RGB or even worst ProPhoto RGB in 8 bit mode
4) #3 especially for gradients in color
5) With #3 and #4 depending on the rendering modes being used (perceptual vs relative colorimetric)
6) Changing between RGB color spaces and/or moving from 16 bit mode to 8 bit mode and not having the "Use Dither" option checked under Edit > Color Settings
7) Any of the above not using a calibrated and profiled monitor and/or having a badly profiled monitor (can create bands just by itself)

Hard to give more advice without a specific file shared with the settings you used. If you want more specific inputs, you could share a simple PSD file and others can give it a look. Just an optional suggestion
John Wheeler