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Creating movie from photos


New Member
I have a series of photos (120) of an object rotating. I would like to convert them to show them as a continuous movie at 24fps. So, I don't want Ken Burns effects, transitions etc., simply each one on screen for 1/25 sec in turn. I looked at the movie section of PS and can create a movie, but each picture stays on screen too long and I found no menu to change this.

Any advice, assistance would be appreciated.
Hello Mike and welcome to PSG.

I'm going to suggest this tutorial, if it's not providing answers to your question then let me know.

Many thanks. Once I figured out how to import all the files as layers in a single file, it went pretty well. A follow-up question. He mentions a second video with information on exporting as a mov. file. Do you have a link for this?
At 8:50 of the video, he states; "If you a member of Lynda.com online training library, then I have a follow up movie in which I...........".

So you would have to join or try the free trial offer HERE.