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Creating specific green parts.

Good pm/am guys! how to create those specific green parts of this image? do u play around with gradient layer? sorry guys i just started editing so helping me will be a huge help! thankssss

C60F2768-25B1-49F1-BEC8-D8A6E670DB86.jpeg C60F2768-25B1-49F1-BEC8-D8A6E670DB86.jpeg
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Hello and welcome to PSG.

The sample image is of a Fluorscein eye stain test that has been used for a CD cover. You would not use a gradient layer to accomplish this effect.

Please be more specific with your question. Do you want to recreate this effect or are you just asking about making the green shape?


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I've played around with this effect for the past day and I'm still not even close. This is 19 layers. As I have other (paying) projects to complete, I don't know if I will have the time to perfect this effect.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.25.05 PM.png

If you've just started editing, I don't think I can possibly explain what I have done in enough detail that you could follow along. This may be out of your abilities for now. It may be out of mine.

Hopefully someone else will give it a shot.
Maybe the OP wants to see the screendots from old printing machines.

I added a screenshot of the filter I used. (Sorry german PS Version)


This is my result.

C60F2768-25B1-49F1-BEC8-D8A6E670DB86 chrisdesign.jpg
I made a fast attempt trying to recreate the effect, but I don't see any way to recreate this exact effect on any image, this is the closest i get..