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Paid Creative family portrait cut from different photos ($50 CAD)

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Hey there,

I am looking for someone to cut together separate photos of 5 family members into one portrait. I deliberately want the backgrounds and clothing / colours / expressions ect to be different but hopefully blended together slightly.
I am happy to leave the creative side to someone as long as they follow the general theme that each family member is living apart and has different "style" but are still a family.
I will provide a few photos of each family member, and might be able to provide more. Unfortuntaly most are from Insta / Facebook and arn't great quality / resolution but i accept that this is a limitation of the project without ruining the surprise. I have tried to pick photos from a variety of outdoor / natural settings rather then posed indoors.
These photos will be printed to 8x10 and put in a frame to be given to a family that largely live apart now.

I will need to provide a .zip of ~20 photos and can speak to a member privately if they need further details. I would like photos and submissions to be kept private.

Project will need to be finished by roughly midday on the 24th.

Im happy to pay $50 Canadian. Paypal is the easiest, but I am happy to negotiate any other payment system that isn't too inconvenient for me.

Thanks for your time, happy holidays! :)
To clarify, the backgrounds will all be different behind each person and the people do not need to be scaled correctly. It may be just a face or upper body rather then the whole body in the center of each section of the photo. I made a badly drawn paint diagram for clarity:

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