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Restoration Crest (Coat of Arms) Stamp for Wedding Invitation

Dear Photoshop professionals,

I´m my friends "best man" and he´s marrying in the next 6 months. My friend would love to have his family crest stamped on his wedding invitations but the company creating them needs a higher quality and higher resolution of the crest to create an embossing stamp.

Unfortunately his family does not have this crest available in better resolution/quality so I wonder if the professionals among you could bring in more quality with Photoshop or could even reproduce an identical crest with Illustrator?

Here you can find the only template he could find (IMG_0938). In another book we could find that the small little man in the middle of the crest actually represents a man holding picket and hammer in his hands (see second picture). Unfortunately it is so small that we couldn't achieve more quality even with the highest scanner resolution.

Hope someone can help us.

Many thanks in advance for your support - I know there´s somebody out there up for the challenge :) IMG_0938.jpg Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-11 um 20.16.30.png IMG_0938.jpg Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-11 um 20.16.30.png
THIS IS TRULY AWESOME! @fogo00 and @carlbush I really appreciate your amazing work. I´ll get back to the printer service and I´m pretty sure they will be able to take it from here.

Again - Thank you for your great support.
Have a great week
So so sorry @sousou707 Please apologize - I scrolled down to quickly and didnt see you were the first one.Appreciate your support even more since you brought the stone to role here! Appreciate Big Time your efforts @sousou707
@carlbush : Any chance you could upload the "fam-crest.ai" file on a pdf friendly format? I´m getting attached error message if I try to open the file with eg. GIMP. I don´t have any other software and the Free PS CS2 Version is not working on my MAC anymore. Thanks, much appreciated. View attachment 95927
Just saw your note, glad someone was able to convert it for you. Cheers!