CS5 deletes layer content when saving. Please help.


We are using photoshop CS5 12.0.2 and OS X 10.6.8 and have run in to a serious problem. When we do a save as the file seems to delete the contents of some layers in the newly created image. The layer itself is still present but completely empty. We haven't closed down the original file as we are worried it will delete the layer contents in the only file which is currently complete. It has already done this to other files which are now useless and we will have to start again. Flattening seems to delete the contents of the layer as well.

Anyone had this problem and come up with a solution?


ps sorry about not introducing myself properly only things are a bit stressed :(


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when your saving the document are you saving it as a PSD or TFF? Does the lil box appear that says "save layers" and is the box checked?


Thanks for the reply. We have tried both PSD & TIFF but with no luck on either and yes we have the layers box checked.

It seems when we flatten the layers it also deletes the contents of some, not all though.

Thanks again.