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Specific Darker sky scape, firefly effect?

I would like to have one of these pictures modified to create a dusk firefly image with a glow on the tractors. I have seen jars added to a picture with fireflies, you can use your imagination however you see fit. Thank you!

If either of these images are tough to work with, I have others as well. FD30AC93-9793-4244-B374-CA9535BEFCCB.jpeg 9DE4CC4C-D480-4E72-8589-C95E470222BE.jpeg
You guys are awesome! I can build all kinds of stuff with my hands, but my best photo editing skills are handled in MS Paint!

I would like to print a canvas for a gift to my buddy’s son. We met at a tractor show and spent quite some time catching fireflies after dinner one night. May I have your permission?