How many of you guys are on Deviantart ?

I'm just wondering about this and if its worth it, how much time do you spend on it ?, is it good for networking ?
Do you make any mony from it ?

Or do you just like show casing your work.
I'm on dA but only have been for a few months....

Well, it's the biggest art site in the world and has a good community and network. I've not made a penny there tbh and probably never will lol.
I'm just a member but it is a great site. I think the people who post their free-to-use images are generous and self-confident. The work is artistic and well done in almost all cases.


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i made an account month ago i logged in once but usually i use it every now n then coz they have awesome software for windows customization and photoshop tools any way that site is really awesome and useful xD