Diamond letters with gold..

Hi guys,

I know you can make diamond letters with photoshop but isn't there any possibility to get them without having to create them your own every time you need them??

Just like these letters i mean.. : diamond letters with gold

once you create them save the layer style that should do it
You know man i created it a few times and tried the future ones with 'passing layer style' but really it didn't gave the similar effect and a little bit different..

Btw: this is 3D effect also so i don't think it's created with photoshop?? Maybe after creating it as 3D with another software it might used in photoshop..
no sure but letting someone on here see the layers may help to direct you.
You can make this in Photshop:


When in Photoshop CS6 Extended 3D side of things, you need to add an Image Based Light in the environment properties. I just quickly googled a gold cloth. Then remember to set the Reflection on all sides, extrusions and bevels. Then to make it shine more, click on the text layer (still within the 3D workspace) and set Shape Preset to what you want. I used a Bevel because I could then trace around the letters with the Pen-tool on this bevel so I could inlay the diamonds using the save selections to make a mask so as only to show the diamonds in the middle of the letter.
This one above took about 5 minutes, I didn't let it finish rendering because you can see roughly how it will look. Just make sure you pick a really good 'Gold' texture and maybe a better diamond texture too. It is possible and with a little more time you could certainly reproduce the image in your OP.