Did some practice on selection tools


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what do you think? does this blend halfway decent?
It'd be great if you'd point out what looks unnatural to you so i can work on it :cheesygrin:

ps: I know, the motive does not make much sense, but i just used it as practice and did not want to look for better stock ;)


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btw, what is the "proper" way to handle something like this?

what i am doing now, is using quick select, refining the edges, creating a layer mask from that, and finepaint details on that mask.
afterwards, i create some adjustment layers and duplicate the mask there, if i want them only to affect those. and then i link them together and put them in a group.

only problem, when i find a mistake later, i have to reapply the masks on all adjustment layers by hand..


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exactly what i needed. i was shure something as sophisticated as light room had this, but no idea where xD
many thanks

ps: those are five different object, in case you wanted to know


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Hey valravn,

valravn said:
only problem, when i find a mistake later, i have to reapply the masks on all adjustment layers by hand..
Prior to and/or after making changes to a layer I always duplicate the layer, turn it off, and move to the bottom. I will also do this before I merge layers as well. I also use smart layers and smart masks so I can make changes to them later.

As for the image, for me, the background and foreground appear flat or without dimension. Follow vanishing point rules and remember that objects in the back ground get slightly blurry the further they are from the foreground. The third structure back is way too dark, it lighting doesn't match the other structures.

I agree with iamsam about the flatness. Slight blur and greying out of color makes things recede and adds dimension.

There is also too much color difference between the figures and the structures. I would add some warmth to the buildings that are closer to the front. You could add cooling to the figures, but it already has too stark an appearance if you ask me.

Nice work. Keep it up.
The building on the background have this Purple kinda tint to them.. I guess this is what caused the color variation in the foreground and background .

Try using replace color and replace this purple color with a matching foreground color. I hope this adds a little realism to the picture.
I think ....think....I'm confused. Seems too busy, I dont think it is the number of things here, its the difference in color / hue / contrast. The advice above about attaching adjustments is spot on. Let it rip, play some more and show it off!!