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DNG Conversion


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Hello all !
Glad that I found out this forum through Google Search !
My profession is Architecture (Private practice) and my passionate hobby is Photography.

I recently switched over from my Nikon D500 system to Sony A7M3 system.
I do my post processing of RAW files in Lightroom 6.14. Now, with the Sony ARW files from my A7M3 camera, I have to convert them to DNG using Adobe's DNG converter to Camera Raw 7.1 format.
So far, (since a couple of months) it has been working fine. But I am wondering if I am losing anything, something which I might not have noticed, by converting the more recent ARW file of Sony A7M3 to an older version of DNG ?
I save this as 16 bit Tiff file and take it to Affinity Photo 1.10.4, for further editing of the rasterized image. (BTW, even though Affinity Photo 1.10.4 could edit natively my Sony ARW files, the lack of lossless editing of the same file in another session in Develop Persona, after saving it in Photo Persona deters me from using Affinity Photo as my RAW editor too.

Sorry for the long explanation. And I do not know if i posted my question at the right place. If it has to be in some other sub forum, please kindly move this there.

Once again my humble question: Am I losing anything by doing this DNG conversion to edit in the Old Version of LR 6.14? Thanks in advance.