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mitchell B

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hey there all of you, after six amazing months in Nepal (but without PS inspiration) i'm finaly woriking on somthing again
its a work in progress because when i feel im done i dont want to edit it any more

first off i know my lightning / shadowing sucks.... but for some reason im not realy in the mood to do some indepth study about this (but dont let this keep you from giving advice or critique, i love to hear them )

secondly : i struggle with two things :
1 the two black tubes (beside the masking needs to be better, its still a rough set up), they are sort of in the form i want them, but still they seem to be off ... dont fit in .. something is not right and i cant figure out how to improve it

2 the grey metal bottom of the neck .. same problem.. its sort of how i want it but it doesnt feel it blends in

so any comments on if you like it or not , or any advice / critique is welcome

(i tried to post the PSD but its to big )

head 2.jpg