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Do you really need an active Facebook to promote your designs?


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Forgive the title. I couldn't come up with something catchy. Nor am I sure if I am posting in the right place. I'm sorry if I am not!

But I have a mini question if you all don't mind me asking.

I recently set up an Instagram account for my designs. I would like to start making story templates and post some other designs on that plateform as a way of connecting with something more than just my website.
But in order to promote on an Instagram Business account one needs to be connected to Facebook. And franlly, I don't like Facebook. My account is just a death hub only used to keep in touch with some friends who I don't have on any other platform.

Have you guys had any experience making a Facebook page for your designs or work. How do you feel about it? Because the only idea I have right now is to just make it like a road sign almost. Add my logo, description and stuff and have one post that says something along the lines of "Find more details on....." :unsure:


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Take a look HERE.
Note: Even though I linked to this site, online freelancer-centric platforms are heavily used and very crowded.

I'm not the best person to offer advice on this subject!

I personally do not use any online platforms (social media) to promote my work. I gave up on that years ago. The internet is a worldwide cesspool of thieves who will steal your work, ideas, and concepts. I keep my portfolio/work off the internet! I speak from first hand experience! My portfolio is only available by request and delivered on a thumb drive.

I'm fortunate in that I work almost exclusively in the local market of my city (and surrounding suburbs) and I'm so busy that I have to turn down work. The clientele offering the best money for design work rarely go to the internet. They don't have time to sift through the muck. Thanks to the availability of Adobe products, the internet is inundated with YT trained, uneducated, self proclaimed designers who will work for pennies on the dollar. Take any of the areas that you represent in your portfolio............ie....business cards, logos, christmas cards, book cover design, t-shirts........and then do an internet search on any of them. These are the sites/individuals you are competing with. The general public and small business owners with stressed budgets are looking for the cheapest price they can find. You have to be competitive with that pricing no matter how much better your work might be!

Mind you, I'm not saying that you can't do well utilizing the internet because many do. But for everyone who may succeed on the net, there are hundreds of others who do not. It's just been my experience that most do not do well and have to move on to more stable full time jobs that are not design related. Internet work is a lot of long hours and hard work for very little pay. I advise that you get down to grass roots and promote yourself in a local market. It takes some work but you need to get out and visit firms and businesses in your area. You land one local business and "word of mouth" will carry you to many more...........if your work is good and your pricing is right.