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doctors without borders commercial


New Member
dear all,

I'm a graduate student at the school for arts in utrecht, the netherlands. As a group we've developed a low-budget commercial for Doctors without Borders. DWB wanted to communicate the message to the audience that they can ask for donations instead of regular gifts when having a party (birthday, babyshower, etc).
We filmed a typical gift, in this case a bottle of red wine, and made it explode while filming it in highspeed. The explosions then morfes into a typical medical resource.
Unfortunately, the highspeed camera didn't deliver a very good picture because of the high frame rate (3000fps). We're stuck with a 3bit color depth image and lack of detail.
The original goal was to give the bottle of wine a typical 'commercial look' so here's what were after:

We're looking for a photoshop artist who can upgrade to original footage to a commercial worthy image. This means that details should be drawn back into the bottle of wine, and the grain must be reduced as much as possible.

Available footage online:
preview of commercial (not color corrected, no titles, test audiodesign)
original footage wine
original footage medical resource
testimage for titles at beginning

deadline project: 11-01-08
Unfortunately, we're working with basically no budget and can't pay for this job.
The finished result will be put on the DWB website and will be played on dutch television.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

For further questions don't hesitate to contact me at:

boudewijn . rosenmuller @ gmail . com