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Dropped shadow help


New Member

I'm looking to recreate a dropped shadow effect like the one on the watches below, but simply on a square shape like the one on the right.
I've tried with the simple drop-shadow effects in Photshop but it looks far less real.
In short I d'like the shadow to look more and more blurry and fade in the white background color. like the exact example below.
Can this be done in Photoshop only?
Could someone show me how please ?

Thank you



Power User
Here's a screen capture of the basic process.
You are seeing a white background and a gray shape "floating' on another layer. Whatever shape you want to cast should be the only opaque object on that layer... the rest of that layer should be clear/transparent.
You will need to play with the parameters in 'drop shadow' to satisfy your exact needs. The basic settings are: Turn opacity down to make a lighter shadow, adjust distance to offset shadow. spread to feather the edge and size on how large the shadow will be. Play with the lighting direction to change where the shadow is cast.

drop shadow.jpg