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Dual monitor misbehaviour in Lightroom Classic & Photoshop


I use Lightroom Classic and the current Photoshop on Win 10 PC with dual monitors. I have two problems, likely related.

In Lightroom I have the second screen configured to display the normal Loupe full screen preview image. When I use the crop overlay, the image in the second monitor is not always updated or lags. If I move the image being cropped slightly this triggers the update.

In Photoshop, I configure the second monitor to display all my panels. When I send an image from LR for editing in PS, which is already opened, the image appears in the second monitor under the panels and half off the far edge of the screen and has to be dragged over. However, if Photoshop has to open at this stage it is OK, it is only if I've previously edited an image (the same or different makes no difference).

I have tried running both screens off the same card (Nvidea Gforce 750Ti) and running one off the CPU graphics, all with the appropriate up to date drivers. It makes no difference. Everything else in these Adobe products works dual screen just fine as do all my other software.

As I say the drivers are the latest (although of course not that new since the card and CPU are several years old and no new drivers are released now.)

I've also tried setting the options for using hardware acceleration on or off but no joy. It is irritating rather than critical of course but I'd appreciate any help!