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Editing a 3d scanned texture.

I've placed it here, as it's not only about photoshop. Is it possiple to somehow clean up a texture made by a 3d scanner from shadows, flares and other data exept colour. I'm trying to create a PBR texture, and it needs separate maps for diffuse(colour), roughness, metalness channels. For non organic models it was easier for me to just create new maps (In Substance Painter with some help of Photoshop). Bun now I'm trying to deal with this head, and I'm nor so good to repaint it properly.


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I assume you're talking about the material used in the .obj file?

I used the material in

and PS 3D (not rendered)
Untitled-PS 3D.jpg

I'm not understanding what it is you want to clean.
Any alteration to the png file used as material will show in the 3D program you're using...

Keep in mind that there are actually no shadows in the material, just shape contours. Shadows are created in the 3D program depending on the light source and the direction and strenght you give to the light.
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