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After Effects Editing a template in AE


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I'm new to After Effects so I'm hoping someone can advise me regarding editing of templates.

I want to create a short 8 - 10 second intro for a series of videos I'm going to make. I've found a template on VideoHive that I really like. It shows a search box where the input text changes into a logo and tag line.

The search box in the video though is called "Doogle" as in pic below, whereas I would prefer it to be "Google".


The vendor of the template doesn't seem to be very good when it comes to answering questions and my enquiries have so far gone unanswered. I'm left wondering if this is an element I should be able to change with After Effects?

Hope someone can advise. :)

Edit. I've now had a response from the vendor of this template! He says that I can make the changes I want to, so no longer need help with this. :)
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