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Specific Editing historic image!

Hello photoshop wizards!!!

I am looking for three edited versions of the same photo (basically where the edits build upon themselves). The pic to be edited is the brown background with seated woman in a blue dress. I am so appreciative of your help!!

A. Can you please photoshop a burning joint into the left hand of the woman, with some light smoke coming off? You can close the fingers slightly to hold the joint. I want her to look very posh holding this joint!

A. Can you take the above and then also make her hair look more like the wig in the second historic image, where she is holding a rose? You can move the angle of her arm starting at the elbow if need be to accommodate the hair.

Can you do the same as the above, and additionally edit the face to look more like the pic of the woman attached? 12608474_f1024.jpg
Marie_Antoinette_Adult4.jpg bigD.jpg
Hope I get it all right XD, the face is not the best match for the painting but I made what I could.

View attachment 93280

Oh my gosh Argus, I can't tell you how much my partner and I laughed when we saw this. Probably for 20 minutes. That is my face and this is soooo funny. Thank you so much, you are such a talent!!!

Can I ask you to do one more iteration, very simple?
- start with the original and just add the joint, but move to other hand and enlarge it 2-3x

thank you so much!
My English is not the best, so to be clear you want a bigger joint in her right hand instead of the left in the original painting?
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Sorry Argos i changed my mind!

Yes, move the joint to her right hand and make it bigger. But, use the picture you made (not the original). Can you also add the feathers and hat from the attached?

Nice job Carlbush! I think you got closer than me in the blended face so I played a little with it, hope you don't mind.

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